Playa de la Concha (Seashell Beach) is a small stretch of coastline in Santander, located between two other beaches: the first Playa de El Sardinero and Playa de El Camello (Camel Beach). Except when the tide is very high, it is almost always connected to the Sardinero beach. With low tide, you can also walk from La Concha to la Playa de El Camello, although a rocky zone separates the two.

It is a beach very family-oriented and usually frequented by locals, since it is not as well known among tourists as other great beaches of Santander. On the right side of the beach, there is an islet that joins the stretches of sand when the tide goes down. It is a very recommendable place for swimming and diving in the pools that form around it.

tv  32” flat-screen Smart TV 

vistas  Views of housing complex gardens

caja fuerte  Lockable safe

wifi  Wi-fi

aire acondicionado  Air conditioning

aseo  Complimentary toiletries

secador  Hair dryer

suelo  Hardwood floors

telefono  Telephone



The room that represents this beach is specially adapted for individuals with reduced mobility. With an area of ​​16m², it has a 1.5m-wide double bed and a large bathroom with an accessible shower. 





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